Certifications and Guarantees

Each Alex Jona’s jewel is always accompanied by personalized certificates of authenticity in which the main characteristics are described, such as the type of precious gems used, their carat weight, and the title and weight of the gold.

In order to guarantee that we offer products of high quality and value, in line with the standards of the world's best jewelers, only gold with a 750/°°° alloy title (18 carat), silver with a 925/°° alloy title (Sterling) or refined platinum are used.

When purchasing a diamond or gemstone, a certificate issued by an internationally recognized gemological institute guaranteeing its authenticity is provided. In the case of a diamond, the certificate also contains a detailed description of the diamond's characteristics and quality grade.

The best certification for diamonds and gems

Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

The American institute is the largest diamond certification institute in the world. The certificates issued are of the highest quality and are recognized and accepted everywhere in the industry.

Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD)

The Belgian laboratory is the largest diamond certification institute in Europe. The quality of the certificates corresponds more or less to those of the GIA.

International Institute of Gemology (IGI)

The Belgian institute with headquarters in Antwerp has representations in 16 offices and is today one of the largest and most respected diamond certifying institutes.

Ethics and provenance

Alex Jona bases his business on fair, solidarity-based and transparent trade.

Since 1961, first his father Giorgio, and then Alex, have been sourcing globally by personally getting to know the gem cutters and the people in the production chain with whom they establish lasting business relationships based on mutual trust.

Diamonds are sourced from trusted suppliers with whom they have worked for many years and through channels that source in countries that adhere to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, as per UN resolution, which obliges adhering countries to strictly control the export and import of rough diamonds.

The majority of gold or silver jewellery is produced locally in modern facilities where staff are paid a living wage to support their families.

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