Carolea Ring
Carolea Ring
Carolea Ring
Carolea Ring
Carolea Ring
Carolea Ring

Carolea Ring

This beautiful 18 Karat yellow gold ring, is centering an oval cut peridot weighing 5.84 carats, surrounded by 70 tsavorites weighing 3.82 carats, 6 orange sapphires weighing 0.19 carats and 10 yellow sapphires weighing 1.22 carats.


Metal: 18k yellow gold 


Height: 1.05 in. (26.50 mm)

Width: 0.7 in. (17.77 mm)

Diameter: 0.83 in. (20.90 mm)

  • Peridot: weight 5.84 carats, round cut
  • Yellow Sapphire: 10 pieces, weight 1.22 carats in total
  • Orange Sapphire: 6 pieces, weight 0.19 carats in total
  • Tsavorites: 70 pieces, weight 3.82 carats in total

Weight: 9.51 gr.

COD: 1816173R
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This piece has been hand manufactured by trusted and highly qualified craftsmen according to the best Italian goldsmith tradition using the latest technology. Alex Jona hallmark 404TO guarantees the origin of the product and the precious metal content is confirmed by the official gold hallmarks.

18 Karat Yellow Gold

18k (75%) gold is the purest form of gold used for jewelry (pure 100% gold is 24 karats by definition). 18k means that 18 out of the 24 parts that make up the gold are pure gold. The most common hallmark stamps for 18 karat gold are 18K or 750 that indicate 75% gold purity. 18k yellow gold is an alloy made up of 75% pure gold and 25% alloy (12.5% copper, 12.5% silver).


A yellow-green to olive green, semi-precious gemstone, also known as chrysolite, olivine, and the evening emerald. Peridot is usually transparent with few inclusions. With a rating of 6 to 7.5 on the Mohs Scale, the stone can burst under intense stress and is often protected by metal in jewelry. As August's birthstone, the peridot is said to drive away evil spirits, aid healing, and protect the wearer.

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire stone is an eminently precious, yellow colored gemstone of the Corundum mineral family with Mohs scale rating of 9. Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, and Australia are fruitful sources of natural Yellow Sapphires. Ceylon Yellow Sapphire (Sri Lanka) is universally acclaimed for its clarity and color consistency, followed by Burmese Yellow Sapphire (Myanmar). Thailand Yellow Sapphire, African or Madagascar origins are less popular because of reduced color concentration and high inclusions. Yellow Sapphire is affiliated with Jupiter, the most powerful planet in Indian astrology, and is the birthstone for people born in the beginning of summer (June 21 - July 21).

Orange Sapphire

Orange sapphires are quite rare and are some of the most difficult sapphires to find in a natural, untreated state. Most orange sapphires today are coming from Australia and Madagascar, with others from Sri Lanka and Tanzania. The color of most orange sapphires has a secondary tone of yellow as well. Intense orange sapphires that are untreated and naturally orange color can be expensive and difficult to find in a larger carat size.


A variety of garnet, Tsavorite can be light to dark green and is named after Tsavo East National Park in Kenya. It has an hardness of 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale.

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